Rubber Profile


Extruded rubber products are manufactured by forcing softened rubber through a shaped die to form a continuous length of material with a constant cross section. One of the most widely used rubber product families; these profiled extrusions are used as gaskets, seals, cable sheathing, and tubing in a large range of domestic and industrial applications. In addition to a large selection of standard profiles, rubber extrusions can be produced in an almost limitless range of shapes and sizes with die production being the only real limitation.

The range of rubber extrusion consumer industries is almost as impressive as the product range and includes the automotive, hydraulic machinery, domestic appliance, electronics, pneumatic equipment to name but a few.

MREW is an expert in u-channel extrusions, specializing in manufacturing extruded rubber shapes, extruded rubber seals and extruded rubber profiles. Standard profiles we manufacture include square and rectangular sections, hollow tube and box sections, round cords and a range of complex profiles including P, D, U, and E strips. These are all available in a range of sizes and materials. The elastomers used in our standard rubber extrusions are either weather resistant EPDM or SBR. Silicone, Neoprene, Viton® and Buna-N are also available for unique applications requiring a higher level of performance.

If you do not have a blueprint or technical drawing, we have the ability to reverse engineer your part for you from a working sample.