Our History

Minerva’s origin is as humble as that of its founder Mr. N. Chellappan. Operated from a modest facility in Goregaon, Mumbai from 1980 to 1985, today the company has three manufacturing units catering to a vast clientele.

Soon after its foundation, the company started growing rapidly under the dynamic leadership of Mr. N. Chellappan and was reloacated to a nearby bigger facility in 1985, which serves as our chief administrative and production unit till date.

After about 27 years, existing resources (shop floor area, manpower, moulding capacity) were not sufficient to meet growing customer demands. There was an urgent need to increase manufacturing capacity of MREW. Therefore in year 2012, we started our third manufacturing unit in Vasai. Today both of our manufacturing units have equal production capacity and in coming years we will be doubling our production capacity at both the units.
In 2007, Mr. Manoj Chellappan, an MBA in Marketing with a certification in Rubber Technology joined Minerva, keen to expand the family business.

MREW has come a long way since 1980. We have over three decades of experience, outstanding industry knowledge and extensive application know-how in the rubber industry. MREW grew into a strong position by working closely with emerging engineering and hi-tech industries, offering quality solutions for rubber mouldings, capable of meeting stringent demands of modern technology. Gaining recognition for producing high precision rubber mouldings in varied industries, including Aerospace, electronics, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Military to name but a few, the company has continually expanded since its inception.
Today MREW with a combined shop floor area of 5000 sq.ft has total workforce of 40 people.